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Golf Course

Golf Course

1781 Club Golf Course

The 1781 golf course (formerly Scenic Valley) yields a challenging par 72, 18-hole track, measuring 6,319 yards from the tips. This 130 acre parkland style course was designed by Dominic Palomba, Jr., built by the McCloskey brothers and boasts rolling fairways and fast greens. Nestled in Peters Township, approximately 15 miles South of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the 1781 Club provides an enjoyable & exciting golf experience.

Pro Shop Hours
In Season (April 1 - October 31)
Tuesday - Sunday / 6:30am - 10pm

Off Season (November 1 - March 31st)
Wednesday - Saturday 8am - 10pm & Sunday 8am - 4pm
Golf Course
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See Rules & Regulations for Golf Course / Cart policies

Golf Rules

U.S.G.A. Rules are in effect.

Pace of Play

A full round of golf should be played at a pace of 4 hours if at all possible. It should not exceed 4 hours and 15 minutes under most circumstances. Speed of play will be monitored for compliance with this standard. The following tips are designed to keep play at an enjoyable pace:
  • Do not waste time looking for lost balls. Three minutes looking is the maximum allowable time. Play a provisional ball when a possibility exists that a ball may be lost.
  • Observe both the players in front of you and behind you as a measure of your speed of play. Keep up with the players in front of you. You must allow faster players to play through if one hole is open in front of you. You should always allow faster players to play through when the speed of play is lagging behind the required pace.
  • When using golf carts leave the golf cart with the appropriate clubs to play the shot. When in doubt, take several clubs.
  • Do not replay missed putts. When finishing putting, leave the green and mark the scorecards on the next tee. Continuous putting is encouraged.
  • Members are responsible for the speed of play and all actions of their guests. The Golf Shop staff shall monitor pace of play throughout each day on the course as well as at the end of each side. It is the player's responsibility for maintaining a reasonable pace of play.
The Golf Shop staff may, on occasion, be required to advise a group that its pace of play should be increased. This advice may occur out on the course or at the turn – always in a discreet and courteous manner. The group is expected to politely accept the advice of the Golf Shop staff and re-establish its pace of play within Club guidelines. Players who fail to keep up with the Club’s pace of play guidelines may be restricted from playing during peak periods of play.


Check In Policy

The following rules have been established by the 1781 Club to govern play and use of the course by club members, their family members, and their guests. It is the responsibility of all members and their guests to know and honor the Club’s rules. Violations shall be reported to the Club's Leadership team either directly, or through the professional staff. Disciplinary action for violation of the rules may include suspension of playing privileges. The Rules are in effect year-round, except as otherwise indicated.
1) Check-In Policy: Members and their guests are required to check-in with the Golf Shop staff or starter prior to using any golf facilities or the golf course. It is recommended that this takes place at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled tee time. It is important that members register their guest(s) and provide their names to the Golf Shop staff and make arrangements for all charges before starting play.
a) Start of Play: All players shall start play at No. 1 tee except when there is a special event or permission is given to start elsewhere by the Golf staff. Players are encouraged to play in groups of four whenever possible. Twosomes are discouraged during peak periods when it will be the responsibility of the Golf Shop staff, to the extent possible, to pair groups before they tee off. Fivesomes are not permitted during the period from May 1 through September 30 unless permission is given. The Golf staff will determine on a case-by-case basis when a fivesome will be allowed during the noted restricted time.

Cell Phone/Audio Policy

Mobile phones are permitted on the course, to common courtesy. The use of a cell phone must never hold up the speed of play for the user’s group or for the following group, nor should a cell phone conversation interfere with another player’s enjoyment. Audio is allowed under the USGA Rules of Golf (4.4). The Golf Committee has a Local Rule advising people on the correct usage of Audio during daily and tournament play.