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Club Rules & Policies


All Members are expected to adhere to the Club’s regulations regarding proper dress attire. Members are asked to observe good taste and dress appropriately for the golf course, facilities and clubhouse restaurants & lounges. It is the member's responsibility to inform member guests of golf attire standards defined by the 1781 Club, LLC.

GOLF COURSE - Please respect the following criteria for on course golf at the 1781 Club:

  • No denim or warm-up suits.
  • Cargo shorts or pants are not permitted.
  • Long pants or Bermuda length shorts (bottom of shorts may be no higher than 3 inches from the top of the knee) are required.
  • Skirts or skorts must be worn in good taste in regard to golf attire.
  • Collared shirts, tasteful crew neck shirts, or a ‘mock’ neck shirt required at all times. Ladies may wear a sleeveless shirt provided it has a collar, or a collarless blouse provided it has sleeves and is tasteful.
  • No tee shirts or tank tops.
  • Hats and visors are to be worn as designed, with the bill of the hat facing forward.
  • Only non-penetrating spikes are permitted on the course. “Soft spikes” may be available for purchase in the Golf Shop.
FARMERS TABLE - Please respect the following criteria for dining at the Farmers Table and Lounge:
  • Casual and tasteful attire welcome 
  • On occasion, events may message a more formal affair, please keep that in mind when signing up for such events
THE CELLAR & SIMULATORS - Please respect the following criteria for visiting the Cellar and playing Indoor Golf.
  • Casual and tasteful attire and athletic wear welcome

Locker Rooms available for Members - Check In with the Pro Shop for availability


Carts are included with all memberships and available Tuesday through Sunday as conditions allow.
If a member wishes to walk the course, please adhere to the Club's pace of play and play through rules. Walking will be available after 4pm Tuesday - Sunday at the discretion of the Golf Shop. 

Carts shall not be operated by anyone under sixteen years of age nor by anyone without a valid driver’s license. Driving a cart with a driver's license permit is allowed when accompanied by a responsible licensed adult.

Daily, the Superintendent will authorize use of the carts as follows: Cart Path Only, Rough Only, or Scatter. "Cart Path Only" means that carts must always remain on the paths.
When the "Rough Only" sign is displayed, carts are only authorized to be in the rough and never to cross fairways.

When the "Scatter" sign is posted, carts are permitted to drive in the rough and fairways.
From time to time, carts may be restricted to the 90-degree rule or to cart path only.
During these times, in the sole discretion of the Golf Course Superintendent, physically challenged players may be permitted to operate carts using the 90-degree rule, so long as the player exercises good judgment in maintaining the care of the course

Golf Cart use: Public Guests and Members of the 1781 Club acknowledges that he/she is aware that golf carts are an amenity available to Public Guests and Members and affiliates and if Public Guests and Members chooses to utilize a golf cart such Public Guests and Members represents and warrants that the Public Guests and Members or person driving the golf cart is familiar with the operation of the golf cart, that all drivers and passengers assume the risk of driving in a golf cart, and Public Guests and Members agrees to return the golf cart at the end of play in as good of condition as received.


The 1781 Club, LLC has instituted the following rules to ensure the safety of its staff, members, and guests.
  • The Club reserves the right to refuse the service of alcoholic beverages to any member or guest who cannot provide satisfactory evidence that he or she is 21 years of age or is or appears to be intoxicated.
  • It is also the Club’s goal that no harm comes to anyone because of any failure by the Club to control the service of alcoholic beverages on its premises.
  • The 1781 Club prohibits all outside alcohol. Under no circumstance may alcohol be brought onto 1781 Club property including but not limited to the golf course and clubhouse.
  • All alcohol for sale and consumption must be purchased from the 1781 Club. Consumption of alcohol is only allowed in/on the golf course and while dining in the Club lounges, patios, and restaurants.
  • Consuming alcoholic beverages in the parking lot, locker room or Club property that is not considered the golf course or dining area is strictly prohibited.
  • It is the Club's intention to implement the policy through supportive measures however, suspension or termination of Club privileges, may be invoked in the case of flagrant or repeated violations of the policy or in the event of abusive conduct toward staff personnel, other members, and guests

1. Deadline to cancel without penalty is 12 hours prior to tee time

2. Cancellations or no shows less than 12 hours from tee time will result in cancellation fee 50% of daily greens fees
Rain-Out Policy
1. Refund will be issued when:
The course is closed due to inclement weather when you are scheduled to tee off and have paid in advance.
It is raining, and you have not teed off, but already paid and checked in.
Inclement weather lasting more than 30 minutes interrupts your round.
A manual refund will be issued by contacting the pro shop on the day of your reservation when the above situations occur.
2. Rain checks will not be issued when:
It is raining. and you choose to tee off
An intermittent or passing shower occurs

Public Guests and Members at the 1781 Club hereby voluntarily assumes all risks of accident or damage to Public Guests or Members person or property, and the person or property of Public Guest's and Member's family, guests, and affiliates, arising out of or relating to the use or occupancy of the CLUB premises, facilities, equipment or property including but not limited to errant golf balls, operation of a golf cart or other equipment, and adverse weather conditions including lightning.